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Bosch always earns high marks from Consumer Reports as one of the top three most reliable kitchen brands. Its dishwashers and refrigerators are particularly noteworthy. Bosch is part of the BSH corporate family, making BSH the world’s third largest appliance manufacturer.

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Seven Reasons to Choose Bosch Appliance Repair Technicians

With high-end appliances, you likely won’t need to put Bosch appliance repair technicians on speed-dial. Often ranked as one of the most reliable brands available, Bosch appliances are a smart investment. Still, problems with these vaunted appliances occasionally crop up. When this happens, you need to know who to call for help. Qualified Bosch specialists should be at the top of your list.

Ideally, you’ll look for a specialist in Bosch-brand appliances before you actually need one. It’s a good idea to research potential expert repair companies when you purchase the appliance. This gives you time to find the company that provides you with the best-trained technicians and service.

Here are seven reasons you’ll appreciate the services of a Bosch appliance repair technician:


Expert Training

While Bosch appliances don’t fail or malfunction often, they do experience occasional breakdowns. Sometimes, this is because a component or part legitimately wears down over time. Other times, these malfunctions are the result of improper or overloaded use of the appliance. An expert Bosch specialist has the knowledge and experience to recognize the difference. Why is this important? If the breakdown is caused by improper use, a repair is only a stop-gap fix. The machine will continue to break down until the usage habits are corrected. A knowledgeable Bosch repair technician can help owners properly operate their machines. That’s invaluable advice for the owners of high-end appliances.


Fair Pricing

Occasionally, appliance owners attempt to fix their appliances themselves. These DIY projects often cause more problems than they solve, and they can lead to additional repairs. Fears about the potentially high cost of repairs often spur this DIY impulse. A few unprincipled repair companies overcharge customers and spring hidden or unexpected fees on their customers. Choosing a qualified Bosch appliance repair specialist allays these fears. These expert professionals never charge extra for working on a Bosch appliance. They don’t inflate prices on genuine Bosch repair parts. They don’t hide fees or make estimates deliberately confusing. They are open about their pricing. They provide clear and accurate written estimates, and they only complete the work you pre-approve. The result is a fair pricing standard that negates your need to fix your appliance yourself.


Attentive, Respectful Service

Professional technicians treat customers with respect and focused attention. This begins with your very first contact with company representatives. They respond promptly to your call, and they carefully answer all of your questions before the service visit. They arrive at your site as scheduled with a fully stocked truck. They dress and behave professionally, and they are happy to provide you with identification. They protect your furnishings around the appliance with drop cloths, and they clean the area when finished. Their overriding goal is to restore your appliance and the area around the appliance to like-new condition.


Quality Repair Parts

Bosch repair specialists use only high-quality factory parts that preserve the value of your appliance. These techs have extensive knowledge of all of the company’s appliances and models. They are well-versed in Bosch appliance schematics and the company’s parts catalog. This expertise enables techs to arrive at your site with a truck that is fully stocked with the necessary parts. If they don’t have the parts on hand, their Bosch relationship ensures that ordering and shipping the parts are a quick process. For the customer, this familiarity with Bosch appliances means that repairs are completed quickly and dependably.


Repair Guarantees

The Bosch specialist’s unique training, professionalism and access to factory repair parts benefit customers in another way too. With full confidence in their expertise, these technicians can offer vital repair guarantees. Often, these guarantees cover all parts and labor for one year following the repair visit. This provides customers with the assurance that their money is well-spent on repairs that will last.


Safety & Security

Professional repair companies are properly licensed and insured. This licensing provides you with the assurance that you are dealing with a legitimate company. It protects you from choosing an unscrupulous operator. Adequately insured professional repair businesses also protect you while technicians are on-site. Qualified Bosch technicians also carry the proper certification from the EPA to handle appliance refrigerants. Bosch appliance repair specialists usually go a step farther, bonding their employees for everyone’s safety.


Ongoing Training

The world of appliances changes rapidly, adopting the latest in electronic technology and ground-breaking design. Bosch is an innovation leader in the appliance industry. In fact, the company recently earned an emerging technologies award for its new refrigeration system. With these developments in mind, it’s important that your repair professional stays abreast of new appliance technologies. Qualified Bosch appliance repair techs receive continuing education and training in the latest systems. They know all about operating and troubleshooting Internet-connected appliances. They are experts in advanced refrigerant systems, new oven technologies and high-tech dishwashers. Whether you have an older Bosch oven or a refrigerator that’s a modern marvel, you can count on Bosch repair techs to be ready to fix it.

Choosing to purchase a Bosch appliance for your home or business isn’t a decision you take lightly. It’s an important investment. Likewise, you should use similar consideration and thought when choosing a specialized repair company. With your hard-earned money and time at stake, choosing the right company is critical. By selecting a qualified Bosch appliance repair technician, you gain the above seven benefits and countless others.