Same Day Washer Repair by Euro Appliance Repair is Economical

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Euro Appliance Repair is San Mateo’s Source for Economical, Same-Day Washer Repairs

Life is so much easier with the convenience of a washing machine. When that trusty washer breaks down, though, you can count on Euro Appliance Repair to step in. Euro Appliance Repair works in San Mateo County to solve all your appliance needs. Its full range of washer repair services restores your washer’s function, quickly and hassle-best.


Expert Repair Technicians for All Washer Brands

A proud member of the community for many years, our company installs, maintains and repairs washers. Our professional repair experts are experienced with all types of washers. While we specialize in European brands such as Miele and Bosch, our technicians are skilled in all brands. They’re factory-trained and dedicated to staying abreast of all the latest washer innovations. Whether your washer is front- or top-loading, gas or electric, WiFi-enabled or manual, our techs are experts.


Euro Appliance Repair Provides Prompt, Affordable Repairs on All Washers

Here are some of the most common washer issues we solve in San Mateo County:
Washer won’t turn on.
Washer won’t agitate.
Water isn’t filling into the washer tub.
Washer won’t drain.
Washer shakes or moves, even after it’s been leveled.
The appliance doesn’t advance through the cycles.
Clothes are extremely wet after going through the spin cycle.
Bleach or softener dispensers aren’t emptying.
Washer is under- or over-filling with water.
Water seems to be one temperature only.
Washer has a permanent mildew smell.
Washed clothes retain a funny smell.


DIY Washer Repair?

Many washer problems are easily and inexpensively fixed. If your washer isn’t working properly, first check to make sure that its electrical cord is intact and plugged in. Take a look at the water supply lines for signs of wear. Make sure buttons are fully pushing in and the door is completely shut. If everything looks okay, call in the Euro Appliance Repair experts for a little extra troubleshooting. Our knowledgeable repair techs will diagnose the issue and provide you with a best estimate of washer repair costs. In most cases, we can fix the problem on the spot, using high-quality, cost-effect washer repair parts. These parts preserve the value of your washer and ensure that repairs are durable.

We offer you a note of caution if you decide to pursue troubleshooting the issue on your own though. Unplug the appliance from the electrical outlet before opening up your washer. Wear rubber gloves, and use tools that have shock-resistant coverings. Finally, read your washer owner’s manual for extra precautions and tips for troubleshooting.


Repair or Replace Your Washer?

If you simply want a more energy-efficient or high-tech washer, we are happy to install your new machine. In most cases, though, it’s usually more cost-efficient to repair your washer. Euro Appliance Repair techs are committed to restoring your washer’s function ASAP. We offer same-day appointments and extended hours. We fully stock our repair trucks so many of the needed washer repair parts are readily available. Our techs are quick and efficient, making it quicker to fix your washer than it is to buy a new one. As a result of these efforts, 85 percent of Euro Appliance repairs are completed in the first visit.


Full-Service Washer Repair, Maintenance

We’re with you at every step of your appliance’s life cycle. We here to install your new washer or re-install it when you move. We’re here to answer questions about operating your new machine, and we’re happy to maintain it for you. When your washer begins to lose its efficiency or break down, we’re also here to restore its function. With our vast experience in washing machines, there’s no better appliance partner than Euro Appliance Repair. Call us today at (650) 431-5206 or use our online contact form to discover the Euro difference.

Washing Maschine
  • Washer tub won’t agitate
  • Washer won’t start
  • Washer shakes
  • Water remains in washer tub
  • Washer doesn’t complete all cycles.
Washer tub won’t agitate

If the machine’s fill line is blocked, it doesn’t get the signal that it’s time to agitate. A faulty timer or other problem in the housing can also be to blame.

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Washer won’t start

Bad electrical connections, fuses or circuit breakers can keep a washer from starting. Bad switches, timers, user control and display boards and cycling thermostats can also cause the problem.

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Washer shakes

Imbalanced loads can cause the machine to temporarily shake or travel. If the problem persists, the fault could be a broken suspension spring or snubber ring, failing shock absorber or imbalanced legs.

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Water remains in washer tub

Faulty water lines or pumps can prevent a washer from draining partially or completely. Even if the pump itself is fine, faulty wiring to the pump can also keep the pump from draining the machine.


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Washer doesn’t complete all cycles.

This problem can be caused by numerous issues. A bad motor, faulty clutch, broken or slipped belt and a failed transmission are all potential culprits.


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Washing Machine
Load Size Selection

For water efficiency, it’s best to wash a full, large load. If you need to wash a less-than-large load, adjust the setting to the proper size to avoid wasting water.

Hot, Warm or Cold?

It’s perfectly fine to wash all loads in cold water, especially if you have a modern washer and you use a good detergent. Washing in cold water keeps colors bright, plus it’s gentler on fabrics and it saves energy.

Preparing Clothing

You can also reduce the wear and damage to clothing by prepping clothes before you put them in the washer. Empty pockets, zip zippers, close bra hooks and invert clothing with beads, buttons, studs or sequins.

Balancing the Load

Evenly distribute clothing weight around the washer tub. This is especially important when you wash clothes of varying weights. Avoid wrapping long or large items around the tub, including sheets, blankets and throws.

Be Aware of Odd Noises

If clothing inside the washer tub becomes imbalanced, the washer will make a loud repetitive thump. If re-balancing the clothing doesn’t solve the problem, the washer drum may be to blame. Call a repair tech for quick help.

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What happened is that our refrigerator suddenly stopped cooling at all. After some time spent on a research, we called Euro Appliance Repair. The technician Oleg was extremely professional. Provided a quick, efficient and friendly service. Highly recommend!

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