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Euro Appliance Repair Specializes in Quick, Affordable Dryer Repair in San Mateo County.

Euro Appliance Repair works in San Mateo County to solve all of your dryer problems. Whether you have a commercial or home clothes dryer, we’re the local experts you can trust. Our company uses the most experienced and skilled repair professionals around. We’re licensed, bonded and fully insured. Our repair professionals are factory trained, and adept with all types of dryer models. In fact, we are experienced with all major brands of dryers. We handle domestic brands like GE and Whirlpool and global brands such as LG and Samsung. We even specialize in European dryers, including Gaggenau, Miele, Bosch, Asko and Thermador.


Types of Dryer Problems Our Repair Aces Can Solve

There are dozens of dryer belts, switches, motors and other parts that can break or fail. Our experts can diagnose and repair all of them. Here’s a brief sampling of the issues we can take care of for you:
The dryer won’t start when you push the “start” button.
Dryer is drying too slowly or incompletely.
The circuit breaker trips when you turn on the dryer.
Clothing has a burnt smell.
Dryer is very hot to the touch when it’s working.
Dryer won’t produce heat at all.
Spots or streaks are left on clothes after they’ve dried.
Dryer makes unusual sounds.
Dryer door won’t shut properly.
Dryer drum won’t rotate or tumble.


DIY Dryer Repair?

It’s tough to know whether you should handle DIY dryer repairs or call in an expert repairman for dryer issues. That’s especially true if you’re concerned about the cost to repair dryer belts, motors, fans and other parts. At Euro Appliance Repair, we embrace your DIY spirit, but we want you to be safe. Dryers are responsible for many home and business fires each year. As a result, we want you to proceed with caution.

Before you call us to check out your dryer, here are a few DIY steps we recommend:

If your dryer isn’t starting, check to make sure that your dryer door is closed completely. Dryers won’t start until they are properly latched. It’s easy to forget to shut the door completely before pressing the dryer’s “start” button. If the door is closed and the dryer still won’t run, we can troubleshoot from there.

If your dryer isn’t drying properly or takes longer than usual to dry, clean your dryer vent duct. Lint, debris and other foreign materials can block air flow in the vent and cause dryer malfunction. Clearing out the debris can often solve the problem of incomplete drying.

For most other issues, it’s best to let the professionals handle the diagnoses and repairs. We offer best, no-obligation estimates, and we use only high-quality parts. This preserves the value of your dryer, and it keeps costs controllable.


Repair or Replace?

Deciding whether to repair your dryer or replace it with a new appliance can be similarly difficult. Before you make a decision, we recommend calling us for a consultation. We offer best, line-item estimates that give you a better understanding of the cost of dryer repairs. You’re under no obligation to use our services once we give you an estimate. Many of our customers find that repairs are very affordable. After all, the cost to repair dryer belts and motors are negligible compared the expense of a new dryer. In fact, cheap dryer repairs beat buying a new dryer in most cases.


Maintenance and Dryer Repair in San Mateo

Euro Appliance Repair is a full-service appliance repair company in San Mateo County. We handle all dryer from commercial to residential. Whether you have a new dryer or you recently moved a dryer, are quick and hassle-best. We also provide stressless maintenance services to keep your dryer running safely and efficiently. When your dryer stops working properly, our technicians are trained to fix them cost-effectively. In fact, we can fix your dryer in one, easy visit more than 85 percent of the time. Whether you need your dryer installed, maintained or repaired, call us today for a best estimate.

  • Dryer doesn’t heat
  • Takes longer to dry clothes
  • Drum won’t spin
  • Dryer won’t start
  • Machine is too hot
Dryer doesn’t heat

Bad fuses, timers, and heating coils are common culprits when your dryer drum spins but won’t heat. The lack of heat may also be related to temperature switches or thermostats that aren’t working correctly.

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Takes longer to dry clothes

Lint build-up in the duct or dryer drum can affect your dryer’s temperature control, causing it to generate less heat. Other potential causes include bad heating coils and door seals.

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Drum won’t spin

The most common cause of a dryer drum that won’t spin is a broken belt. It’s a relatively easy fix, but other issues could be to blame, too, such as malfunctioning motors and broken rollers.

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Dryer won’t start

There are countless reasons a dryer won’t start. Simple causes include a door that’s not shut correctly, a broken door switch or a tripped circuit. More complex causes include broken terminal block and bad thermostats.

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Machine is too hot

A too-hot dryer is a serious fire hazard; seek help immediately. Dryers will run too hot when vent ducts are blocked, heating coils are malfunctioning or the thermostat has failed.

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Warning Signs
Unusually Hot Dryer

A hot-to-the-touch dryer and excessively hot clothing point to a potential fire hazard. Call in a repair expert to see if a clogged vent could be to blame.

Burnt Smell

Burning odors are dangerous signs that your dryer is a fire hazard. Turn off the dryer and call for help. It may be that lint has built up in the dryer’s drum casing, leading to fire hazard.

Dryer Turns Off Too Soon

Most modern dryers have moisture sensors that trigger the dryer to shut off when clothes are dry. If the dryer shuts off too soon, there may be a problem with the moisture sensor. Bad door switches, malfunctioning start relays or overheated motors can also cause the problem.

Clothes Take Longer to Dry

A longer-than-usual drying time is a sign that your dryer is struggling. Be sure to clean your dryer’s lint trap and vent duct. Call an expert for help if the problem persists.

Stuck Vent Flap

When your dryer runs, the vent hood flap should move as air pushes through it. If the flap is immobile, clean the vent and call an expert if the problem continues.

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What happened is that our refrigerator suddenly stopped cooling at all. After some time spent on a research, we called Euro Appliance Repair. The technician Oleg was extremely professional. Provided a quick, efficient and friendly service. Highly recommend!

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