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Euro Appliance Supplies Fast Stove and Range Repair in San Mateo County

Whether you’re a foodie tinkering in the kitchen or a health-conscious cook, your stove is vital to your life. The best home-cooked meals depend on a stove/range that is working properly. When that stove stops working correctly, Euro Appliance Repair works in San Mateo to fix it. Our repair professionals are virtuosos of stove/range repair. They’re experienced and knowledgeable in all aspects of stove repair service. They deftly meld their factory and real-life training to bring you the best in range repair service. They’re adept at troubleshooting and fixing all brands. Whether you have an American-made GE stove or a European Gaggenau range, we’re ready to work.

That diversity in experience and knowledge carries through to our range of services too. We are local experts in both residential and commercial stoves. We handle gas, electric, induction and convection systems. We fix conventional cooktops, glass cooktops, ovens and outdoor units. For nearly any stove or range issue, Euro Appliance Repair has your solution.


We Expertly Handle The Following Kitchen Range Repair Issues, Plus Dozens of Other Problems:

The gas burner won’t ignite.
The electric burner won’t heat.
Ignitor won’t stop clicking.
Stove doesn’t heat.
Stove door won’t close properly.
Burner knobs won’t turn or are broken.
Stove door won’t open.
Stove isn’t heating to desired temperature.
Appliance displays unusual error code.
Broiler produces heavy smoke.
Stove heats unevenly.
Glass-top surface is cracked.


DIY Repair or Professional Range Repair Service?

We delight in clients who are interested in their appliances and are willing to try a few DIY repairs. Our first priority for you, however, is safety. Most stoves and ranges use potentially dangerous gas lines and high voltages of electricity. Gas stove repair is extremely dangerous for novices. If you aren’t well-versed in either of these fuel sources, please do not attempt to handle them. If you have knowledge and experience in natural gas and electricity, please proceed with caution.

Even with DIY experience, it’s often cost-effective to turn to our professional stove repair service. Our years of stove repair service experience ensures our efficient troubleshooting. Once we identify the source of the breakdown, we provide you with a best, no-obligation estimate. Work doesn’t start until you okay the repair plan and estimate. About 85 percent of repairs can be completed right there on the spot. This means you often won’t have delays waiting for stove repair parts to arrive. You won’t have to take extra time off work to meet our repair techs. You also won’t have the extended inconvenience of a broken range. We can usually handle it all in one easy visit.


Repair Your Stove or Replace It?

Questions about whether to fix or replace a stove/range involves a number of factors. We’re happy to give you the information you need to make that important decision. We’re proud of the accuracy of our estimates, and they’re a good basis for understanding stove repair costs. For many high-end, commercial-grade stoves and ranges, it’s often best to repair the unit. Viking stove repair costs, for instance, are usually far less expensive than a brand new Viking stove.

If you decide to purchase a new stove/range, we’re here to help get you set up. We install all brands and styles of stoves and ranges, and our prices are reasonable.


Benefits of Choosing Euro Appliance Repair in San Mateo

Our company is local, and we care about your complete satisfaction. We’re licensed and bonded, and we’re fully insured. Our techs are experienced and receive ongoing training in all areas of appliance repair. In addition to best estimates, we also offer complimentary follow-up visits to check on our repairs. We have extended service hours and same-day appointments so we can repair your stove as quickly as possible. Discover why Euro Appliance Repair in San Mateo County is so trusted in the community. Call us at (650) 431-5206.

  • Gas burner won’t ignite
  • Gas flame won’t adjust
  • Electric burner won;t turn on
  • Burner won’t turn off
  • Can’t control electric burner temperature
Gas burner won’t ignite

Most gas burners rely on an electrical spark to ignite the gas supply. Faulty spark modules, ignition switches and gas lines can prevent the burner from lighting.

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Gas flame won’t adjust

Gas burners require more gas to turn the temperature up and less gas to lower the flame. When the control valve regulating the gas flow is faulty, it’s more difficult to adjust the flame.

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Electric burner won;t turn on

This problem can be caused by a surface element switch that’s bad, a surface element board that’s broken or a damaged coil. It can also be the result of bad or damaged wiring.

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Burner won’t turn off

This problem is often caused by a bad burner switch. To temporarily turn the burner off while you’re waiting for repairs, unplug the unit or turn off the circuit breaker.

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Can’t control electric burner temperature

If your electric burner only heats to one temperature, the dial’s ignition switch is the most common cause.

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Tips for cleaning
Cool It

Don’t begin cleaning the glass-top stove until it has thoroughly cooled. First, you don’t want to burn yourself with a hot stove. Second, cleaners applied to a hot surface can burn the surface.

Step 1: Wash the Surface

Use warm, soapy water and a non-abrasive sponge to wipe food debris and stains from the surface. Rinse the soapy water and dry the surface.

Step 2: Deep Cleaning

Use the natural abrasive of baking soda to scrub hard surface stains. Sprinkle the baking soda over the surface and scrub with a warm, wet cloth. To finish, wipe off residue and dry.

Step 3: Deeper Cleaning

Especially stubborn stains sometimes can be removed from the cooktop with a razor or scraper. If using a razor, be careful not to scratch the cooktop. Follow manufacturer’s instructions when choosing a scraper.

Step 4: Buff It

Once cleaning is complete, make your cooktop shine by applying glass cleaner with a soft, gentle cloth. Specially developed cooktop cleaners also shine the surface.

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What happened is that our refrigerator suddenly stopped cooling at all. After some time spent on a research, we called Euro Appliance Repair. The technician Oleg was extremely professional. Provided a quick, efficient and friendly service. Highly recommend!

Mark Draghi Redwood city, CA
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