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Euro Appliance Repair is San Mateo’s Affordable, Expert Refrigerator Repair Service

A failing refrigerator creates all sorts of problems for your home or business. Euro Appliance Repair works in San Mateo County to alleviate those problems with same-day service calls. This same-day attention means you can avoid having to find alternate cool storage for your food. It also provides you with the peace of mind that you can get your day back on track quickly.

Euro Appliance Repair is a full-range appliance repair service with a local focus. We’re your alternative to those impersonal, chain repair companies that do slipshod work. Our repair professionals are highly skilled, factory-trained and deeply experienced. They are your go-to aces in refrigerator repair in San Mateo. They’re also knowledgeable in all fridge brands and styles. Even today’s high-tech refrigerators are no match for the best refrigerator repair San Mateo has to offer.

You can count on us to respond quickly to your call, offering extended hours for same-day service. We provide you with a best estimate, and we won’t start repairs until we have your approval. We work hard for your complete satisfaction with our service. We provide complimentary follow-up visits for our repair jobs, and we always welcome your feedback. We want to be your local source for all your appliance repair needs. Give us a call today at (650) 431-5206 to discover the Euro Appliance Repair difference.


Our Repair Professionals Handle These Refrigerator Issues and More

Refrigerator leaks water onto the floor.
Refrigerator is warm.
Fresh food compartment is freezing.
Freezer drawers ice over.
Ice dispenser leaks.
Water dispenser won’t dispense water.
Refrigerator emits a foul smell.
The appliance makes loud or unusual noises.
Freezer isn’t keeping items frozen.


Here’s a Short List of Some of the Refrigerated Appliances We Repair

While we often focus on refrigerators, there are dozens of other refrigerated appliances in our wheelhouse. We are experts in them all, whether your appliances are for home or commercial use. Call us anytime you need help with your:
Wine cooler
Best-standing freezer
Walk-in freezer
Walk-in refrigerator
Ice maker
Integrated or built-in fridge
Refrigerated drawer


DIY Refrigerator Repair?

Most refrigerators operate with powerful electrical systems and potentially toxic refrigerants. For this reason, use extreme caution when performing any DIY fridge projects. Always unplug the appliance, and never handle the fridge’s coolants. In most cases, it’s safer and more economical to call in the experts at Euro Appliance Repair. Our technicians are certified by the EPA to handle your refrigerator’s toxic fluids. They are knowledgeable in complex fridge systems, and they’re trained to troubleshoot all issues.

There are some DIY tasks you can take on, though, and they’re critical to warding off fridge problems. A couple of times a year, gently clean or vacuum your fridge’s condenser coils. Wipe down the rubber gaskets around the fridge and freezer doors. Make sure interior vents are clear of blockages. Thoroughly clean appliance shelves and drawers with a mild detergent and soft cloth. Throughout the year, keep the floor around the base of your fridge clean and clear of debris. Finally, be sure to follow your refrigerator owner’s manual instructions for care and operation.


Repair or Replace Your Refrigerator?

There are many considerations that go into a decision about whether it’s time to scrap your current fridge. The age and energy efficiency of your refrigerator are two of the most important issues. If your fridge is only a few years old, though, it’s probably more cost-efficient to repair your appliance. The cost of Whirlpool refrigerator repair parts, for instance, is far smaller than the cost of a new Whirlpool fridge.


The Area’s Leading Maintenance and Refrigerator Repair Service

Search for “refrigerator repairman in my area” or “refrigerator repair near me.” You’ll find that Euro Appliance Repair is highly recommended by many of your neighbors and friends. That’s because we offer the San Mateo area with expert appliance services. From maintenance to troubleshooting and repairs, we offer it all. We also specialize in high-end European brands such as Thermador, Bosch, Miele, Asko and Gaggenau.

  • Fridge isn’t cool
  • Noisy refrigerator
  • Fresh food is frozen
  • Fridge leaks water
  • Machine runs continuously
Fridge isn’t cool

A number of causes can lead to a fridge that is too warm. Simple causes include dirty condenser coils, air vents that are blocked by food and doors with damaged seals. Other causes include bad evaporator fan motors and condenser fan motors.

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Noisy refrigerator

This problem can result from fan blades that are blocked and malfunctioning or defective evaporator fan motors. Faulty condenser fan motor can also be the culprit.

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Fresh food is frozen

Malfunctioning temperature control thermostats, thermistors or temperature control boards can cause the fresh food compartment to freeze. Stuck dampers, faulty damper controls and bad control boards can also be to blame.

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Fridge leaks water

A cracked or damaged water inlet valve to your fridge’s water dispenser could be causing it to leak. Other potential causes include a leaking water tank assembly or a clogged defrost drain.

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Machine runs continuously

Condenser coils that are dirty can lead the fridge to run constantly. Broken defrost heater assemblies, damaged door gaskets, bad defrost thermostats and faulty evaporator fan motors can also be to blame.

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Warning Signs
Won’t Cool

Many issues can cause a fridge to run too warmly, and others can cause it to lose cool air. These causes range from failing door gaskets to evaporator fan motor issues.

Fresh Foods Are Icy

When your fridge runs too coolly, fresh foods can become icy and ruined. Check temperature settings and make sure fridge vents are clear. Call for professional repair help if the problem continues.

Fridge Runs Continuously

You should hear your fridge compressor running occasionally throughout the day, but you shouldn’t hear a constant motor hum. Avoid long-term issues by having a repair tech take a look.


If your fridge is leaking water on the floor, your fridge could have a number of problems. Potential causes include blocked drain lines, cracked water pans or bad water inlet valves.

Unusual Noises

Every fridge makes a little noise, but when the noises change or become loud, call a professional repair tech. Unusual fridge noises can be the result of damaged evaporator fan blades and other issues.

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What happened is that our refrigerator suddenly stopped cooling at all. After some time spent on a research, we called Euro Appliance Repair. The technician Oleg was extremely professional. Provided a quick, efficient and friendly service. Highly recommend!

Mark Draghi Redwood city, CA
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