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Euro Appliance Repair Is San Mateo’s Dishwasher Repair Specialist

Euro Appliance Repair in San Mateo County provides the best care for all dishwashers. Our company is dedicated to bringing the best service to our clients. Our technicians are knowledgeable in all major brands, but our specialty covers European brands, such as Thermador, Bosch, Asko, and Gaggenau. Our expertise extends from Miele dishwasher repair service to GE appliance repair. No matter what appliance brand you own, we can restore it to optimum function.

Our other services are equally convenient, ranging from maintenance checks. In addition to repairing numerous brands of dishwashers, our skilled repair techs are experienced with residential and commercial dishwashers.

Euro Appliance Repair offers best estimates and same-day appointments for your convenience. Our technicians are factory-trained and stay up-to-date with the latest innovations. This continuing education ensures that we can provide you with the best service possible. Whether you need a repair, maintenance call, we’re on top or our field. We offer so much more than just a dishwasher repair service, and it’s our pleasure to help you with any dishwasher needs.


Our Experts Solve All Your Dishwasher Issues, Including:

A dishwasher that doesn’t fully clean dishes
Handles or spray arms that are broken
A dishwasher that doesn’t drain fully.
A spray arm that doesn’t rotate.
Malfunctioning display pads or buttons.
Dishwashers that stay on one cycle.
Jammed doors and broken hinges.
Detergent remains on dishes after cleaning.
Foul odors emanate from the dishwasher or on plates after cleaning.
Doors that are unable to fully open or close.
Water leaks from the dishwasher.
Water hose is not fully connected.
Soap dispenser is broken and/or faulty.
Racks are broken.
Racks will not roll in or will not roll out.
Burning smell comes from the dishwasher.


DIY Dishwasher Repair?

While it’s tempting to call in professionals for any and all issues, many dishwasher problems can be easily solved at home. One of the most common dishwasher issues involves a dishwasher that doesn’t fully clean its dishes. This problem is usually easy to fix. Often, the problem is caused by overloading the appliance, covering the water spray valve. The issue can also be caused by supplying the dishwasher with excessively hot or cold water. Uncovering the spray valve or cleaning the various internal dishwasher parts are a simple, durable fix.

Self-maintenance on dishwashers can look daunting, but when the proper procedures are done, it becomes simple and routine. Use only soap meant for dishwashers. This simple step eliminates several problems, as does regularly cleaning and checking internal parts for jams or breaks. If you discover broken parts during a routine check, our company can easily fix it. Whether you need Kenmore dishwasher parts or Miele dishwasher parts, we come to you prepared.

Please be safe while troubleshooting your dishwasher. Remember to unplug the unit, shut the power off at the breaker, and wear rubber gloves when working with the dishwasher.


Repair or Replace Your Dishwasher?

In most areas of the country, the average cost to install a new dishwasher ranges from $150 to $460. This cost is usually on top of the cost of the new appliance. As a result, purchasing a new dishwasher can be a sizeable investment. Repairing roblematic appliances is usually far more cost effective. Average repair costs run about $100 to $150, nationwide. That’s almost the same price as an fee for a new dishwasher. Replacement parts are also fairly inexpensive, and Euro Appliance Repairit is devoted to cost-effective repairs. This makes repairing your dishwasher a more economical, prospect in most cases.


Maintenance and Dishwasher Repair in San Mateo County

Whether a residential or commercial dishwasher is needed, Euro Appliance Repair can easily accomplish the task. We specialize in repairs for all major brand appliances as well as European brands. Euro Appliance Repair offers best estimates and repair. Best of all, with same-day appointments, we can get to any job quickly.

Euro Appliance Repair is proud of its place in the community, and we’re always here to help. Our company is licensed and bonded, and we’re fully insured. Call us today to discover the Euro Appliance Repair difference.

  • Dishwasher won’t drain
  • Unit is noisier than usual
  • Dishwasher won’t start
  • Dishwasher is leaking
  • Smelly dishwasher
Dishwasher won’t drain

Some of the most common causes of this problem involve broken or malfunctioning drain pumps and motors. Bad belts, piston nut assemblies, check valve flappers and timers can also cause the problem.

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Unit is noisier than usual

A failing pump can cause unusual noises to come from the dishwasher. A broken seal or ring on the spray arm can also be to blame. If the spray arms themselves are broken or damaged, unusual noises may be the result.

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Dishwasher won’t start

Common and easily fixed causes of this problem include clogged door gaskets that are keeping the door from closing fully and damaged or broken door latches. Bad timer or electronic controls and motor start relays are also suspects.

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Dishwasher is leaking

Pumps that are broken, defective or damaged can’t properly pump the water out of the dishwasher. Water leaking around the door may point to a damaged or dirty door gasket.

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Smelly dishwasher

Food debris and other particles can clog the machine’s filter and lead to smelly odors in your dishwasher. Using a dishwasher cleaner can sometimes help, as can a kink or blockage in the drain hose.

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Warning Signs
No Water

Dishwashers that won’t fill are frustrating and can be the result of low water pressure, a bad float switch, a failing water inlet valve, an impaired float or a malfunctioning door switch.

Water At Bottom of Appliance

A faulty drain pump or a loose drain pump belt can keep your dishwasher from draining properly. The problem can also be caused by clogged drain hoses.

Detergent Left in Dispenser

Dispensers can’t release their detergent if dishes block the mechanism or if residue clogs it shut. Detergent dispensers can also be impaired when the cap of the rinse aid dispenser is loose or the timer malfunctions.


Dozens of issues can cause your dishwasher to leak, from loose water supply connections to failing pump seals. Other potential problems include failing float switches and too-loose hose clamps.

Loud Noises

If the volume of your dishwasher is suddenly much louder than usual, you may have a bad pump. Other potential causes of the noise include damaged spray arm components.

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What happened is that our refrigerator suddenly stopped cooling at all. After some time spent on a research, we called Euro Appliance Repair. The technician Oleg was extremely professional. Provided a quick, efficient and friendly service. Highly recommend!

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