Euro Appliance Repair Based in San Mateo

Most modern appliances are extremely durable. In fact, the average gas stove lasts 13 to 15 years, and refrigerators stay cool for 13 to 19 years. Other major kitchen and laundry appliances are equally hardy. Given this long-lasting engineering, chances are good that you haven’t had to call in an appliance repair tech lately. So what do you do when your oven suddenly stops cooking or your fridge is too warm? If you’re in the Bay Area or on the Peninsula, you call Euro Appliance Repair.


There are many indicators of a quality local appliance repair company. Euro Appliance Repair embodies them all. Here’s a run-down of the hallmarks of a reliable, professional appliance repair company so you can judge for yourself.


Manufacturer Warranty
If your appliance is still within its warranty period, you may not have a choice of repair company. You may be restricted to using only the repair companies approved by the appliance manufacturer. You can get information about your warranty from your appliance manufacturer’s customer service department. If you’re lucky, your warranty allows you to choose from a few local repair companies. If only one local company is approved to work on your warrantied appliance, use that company. Using a non-approved repair company can void your warranty and lead to higher repair bills in the end.


Word of Mouth Reputation
When your appliance is not still under warranty, you can proceed through a normal appliance repair company vetting process. The first thing you should do when your appliance breaks down is to start talking to friends, coworkers and neighbors. Find out what companies your acquaintances have used to repair their appliances. Ask about their experiences with these companies. Inquire about how promptly the company responded, whether the tech arrived on time and how well the tech communicated the process. Follow up with a question about how well the repair and appliance lasted after the service was performed. The answers to these questions will give you an idea of the companies that have earned strong local reputations. Narrow your list down to two or three of the companies that earn the best reviews from your friends. Then, start researching the companies further.


State Registration, Licensing & Registration
In California, appliance repair companies must be registered with the state Department of Consumer Affairs. This registration is issued by the Bureau of Electronic and Appliance Repair and Home Furnishings. Appliance repair companies also should hold local city business licenses if applicable. They should also carry appropriate levels of insurance. It is a bonus if the company bonds its technicians to offer further protection. Euro Appliance Repair holds all of the required licenses and insurance.


Prompt, Convenient Response
Once you’ve vetted the company for proper licensing and insurance, evaluate how easily you can reach the company. Look for companies that offer you a variety of ways to reach them. A company that provides you with a phone number, email address and website contact form is interested in your convenience. You can also gauge the company’s customer service commitment by how quickly your call or email is returned. You can contact Euro Appliance Repair by phone, email and website, and its technicians are committed to promptly returning your call.


Extended Service Hours
It’s frustrating to be forced to take time off work to handle your appliance repair. A service-driven company offers extended service hours so you can book appointments during off-work hours. These extended hours allow you to go about your day as you normally would and meet with a repair tech at a time that suits you. Euro Appliance Repair is known for its generous extended service hours and same-day appointment availability.


Same-Day Service
Same-day service is important so you can restore your appliance as quickly as possible. It’s not enough, though, to simply get a service call scheduled the same day you call. You want a company that can complete repairs on the same day too. Many companies track this information and can tell you how often they are able to complete repairs in one visit. This ensures that your appliance is restored quickly. It also reduces the amount of time you’ll have to take out of your schedule to keep repair appointments.


Quality Parts
The types of parts your appliance repair professional uses is important. Often, the best parts are those that are deemed OEM, or original factory parts. These are usually manufactured by the same company that manufactured your appliance. When appliance repair experts use these parts, you know that the part was made for your specific machine. Using OEM parts also increases the appliance’s longevity, and it usually gives you good value for your money. Sometimes, though, it’s just as cost-effective to use more generically produced appliance replacement parts. Ask your repair professional what types of parts he/she will use. It’s perfectly okay to ask why those parts were chosen and how they affect your bottom line. Euro Appliance Repair is proud to use only the best parts that provide the best long-term value for your appliance.


Prepared to Work
Your service technician should arrive at your home on time and ready to work. The technician should arrive in a fully stocked repair truck or van. A well-stocked van improves the likelihood that your machine will be repaired in one visit. Before beginning troubleshooting and repairs, your technician should also protect your furnishings near the machine. Often, this entails draping padded blankets around adjacent cabinetry or furniture. It also usually involves placing protecting paper or padding on the floor around the work area. Euro Appliance Repair has a reputation for arriving at your home promptly and with all the equipment necessary to get the job done. This preparedness enables Euro Appliance Repair to maintain its rate of completing 85 percent of all repairs in one visit.


Dedicated To Your Needs
A professional, high-caliber repair technician is honest with you about your appliance’s prognosis. If your appliance is on its last leg or beyond help, a conscientious repair expert will tell you so. The tech will also give you advice about selecting a new appliance to best fit your needs. This is the hallmark of a trustworthy repair technician who’s not out for just a quick buck. Euro Appliance Repair is happy to advise you on whether it’s cost-effective to fix your machine.


Choosing a reliable appliance repair company on the Peninsula can be easy when you follow a few simple steps. You’ll likely find that there are many good repair companies in the local area. There’s only one Euro Appliance Repair, though, and it’s one of the leading repair experts in the San Mateo region for a reason. Call today to discover for yourself why so many families and businesses on the Peninsula depend on Euro Appliance Repair.